At Casa di Puglia you are in the core of our teaching methods and activities.

In our Italian courses you can develop all main linguistic skills with a special focus on communication: speaking, listening, reading, writing, comprehension in general and grammar.

The lessons usually take place at the teacher’s home. You’ll find an informal, relaxed and yet professional atmosphere there. Our lessons are dynamic and, above all, specifically tuned towards the daily needs of the student. Games and amusing activities are also available aiming to help you to get to know Italian culture as well as the language.

Online lessons are also available on best known app and platforms.

All teaching tools are used: multimedia, songs, cinema, literature, video, online lessons and the press as well. Apart from all the traditional teaching tools, of course.

You can learn Italian to improve your interpersonal communication and your day-to-day use. Italian to understanding music, to watch cinema and to read newspapers. Italian used on TV, for computers and new medias. Italian for commerce and for literature. You can learn both informal and bureaucratic language at the same time.

The limited number of participants (max 4) allows the correct attention for each student. The study supplies, which is graded for different levels of proficiency, is provided by the school and it’s included in the price.

We believe that by learning a foreign language also is important to appreciate the speaking people culture. Our job is to help the student to interact continuously with the teacher, as equals, and in the environment as well. Our goal is to guide the student towards the main skills: to communicate in Italian by entering its culture.

At Casa di Puglia the relationship between students and teachers respects the cultural identity of both. We strongly believe in cultural interaction.