Italian lessons in Ostuni


Hospitality is very important to us at Casa di Puglia. On the first day of the course, during your welcome, you will be introduced to the school, the staff and the course program, plus receive the didactic material.

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The principal elements of our Italian courses:

You can choose from 3 types of courses that take place mainly in the teacher’s house:

Standard (2 hrs per day = 10 hrs per week)

Intensive (4 hrs per day = 20 hrs per week)

Individual (minimum 1 hr per day = 5 hrs per week)

  • Groups usually have a maximum of 4 students
  • Courses (for individual or groups) last for a minimum of 1 week
  • The lessons take place every day from Monday to Friday, usually in the morning from 9am to 11am and then from 11am to 1pm for the standard course; or from 9am to 1pm for the intensive course
  • At the very first lesson students undergo a written and oral test to establish their linguistic level
  • During the lessons in the teacher’s home we provide a traditional home-made snack
  • The afternoons and weekends are free

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This registration fee includes:

   – Membership card

   – Accommodation searching service

   – Transfer from/to Ostuni railway station, from 8am to 7pm

  – Assistance with organizing other pursuits during your stay and some free time activities with the teachers

   – Informative material about Ostuni and local cultural events during your stay

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THE FEES per person

STANDARD COURSE Michelangelo” (2hrs/day = 10hrs/week):

1 week            €200

2 weeks          €380

3 weeks          €540

4 weeks          €680

each additional week            €120

INTENSIVE COURSE Cristoforo Colombo” (4hrs/day = 20hrs/week):

1 week            €360

2 weeks          €680

3 weeks          €960

4 weeks          €1180

each additional week            €200

INDIVIDUAL COURSE “Dante” (minimum 1hr/day = 5hrs/week):

minimum €30/hr x 1 week = €150/week

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The course price includes:         

       – entry test                              

       – teaching material

       – attendance certificate

       – traditional “snack of the house”

       – some educational visits in Ostuni

It is also available, on request:

– to undertake preparation courses for CELI exams (Certificate of Proficiency in Italian from Perugia University) and CILS exams (Certificate of Proficiency in Italian from Siena University)

– more available courses: Italian for legal studies, Italian for music, Italian in cinema, Italian in the arts as well as other courses in Italian for other areas.

The price for these courses: €30/hour. For more information please contact the secretary.

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